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One-third of the Earth’s land surface
Forests cover nearly
Just over one-quarter of global forest
loss is driven by deforestation.
10% of the world's forest cover
Over the past 30 years
has been lost due to deforestation.
The Challenges
of EUDR Compliance
Deforestation legislation influences many business processes
Companies are required to collect detailed information that demonstrates their products’ compliance with the EUDR. This involves a lot of manual work and necessitates a reliable database management system.

The data-gathering process can be particularly challenging for smallholder farmers who may lack the technical and financial capacity to meet the stringent due diligence requirements of the regulations.
The EUDR requires companies to ensure that the products they import are produced in compliance with local laws and regulations. This necessitates a robust order management system that can track the origin of each product and ensure its legality. However, achieving the objectives has often proved difficult and problematic due to a time and resource-consuming implementation process.
Working with GIS maps and EU Observatory tools is crucial for verifying the absence of deforestation. Incorrect validation can lead to the rejection of the entire delivery.

Geolocation data in supply chains such as farm plots, millers, and processing locations can be difficult and costly to obtain, often incomplete, relying on historical records or information distributed across many supply chain partners or simply not available at all.
Data Gathering from Suppliers
and Database Management
Geodata validation
Ensuring correct reporting on EUDR involves not only collecting data but also interacting with downstream and upstream partners.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems often fall short when it comes to managing data below the SKU-batch level, such as Reference IDs for the Due Diligence Statements.

Thus, there is often an uncertainty about what Due Diligence Statements belong to the specific sales order. This necessitates a complex change of the inventory management system and physical storage process, which may be too costly and even undoable.
Reporting on EUDR
Due diligence is a complicated process that involves a comprehensive supply management approach. It creates a significant manual effort, if not automated.

The process requires data to be stored for years, necessitating a system to assist with due diligence and authorities' requests.
Managing Due Diligence
EU operators should establish
and implement the Due Diligence System
Mentioned in p.49 of Regulation (EU) 2023/1115 of the European Parliament and of the Council.
ECT is an IT Due Diligence System for EUDR Compliance
Orders Management
Obtaining the information required by EUDR from your suppliers and automating the order management process with easy-to-use and simple interfaces.
Data Management
ECT provides a single tool to manage supply chain transparency reporting, eliminating the need for manual work in data gathering and database management.
ECT includes geodata verification for plots of land, addressing the challenges of geodata. Integration to different sources of the deforestation maps including the EU Observatory tools exclude the risk of delivery rejection.
Reporting on EUDR
ECT fully automates the order lifecycle process, addressing the challenges of reporting to the EUDR information system (Traces NT), upstream and downstream partners.
Addressing deforestation compliance challenges head-on
Due Diligence
ECT automates and streamlines due diligence processes, making it easier to work with suppliers and store data for years.
Key Features of ECT
Designed to make EUDR compliance easier
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Master Data
ECT allows you to securely store and manage master data on commodities, orders, counterparties, locations, risk assessments, and more.
Verification Process
and Risk Assessment
The built-in risk assessment engine enables
easy verification of suppliers, locations,
and products according to EUDR criteria.
Order Management
ECT ingests purchase and sales orders from your ERP, checks compliance status, generates due diligence statements for EUDR reporting, and allocates reference IDs.
ECT seamlessly integrates with your
existing enterprise systems like
ERPs and EU Traces NT via APIs.
User Interfaces
and Reporting
User-friendly dashboards provide real-time insights into compliance status, risk levels, and other metrics. Custom reports can also be generated.
ECT System Capabilities
End-to-end technical features for compliance

ECT enables complete EUDR compliance through robust system requirements including
ECT System Capabilities
End-to-end technical features for compliance

ECT enables complete EUDR compliance through robust system requirements including
Master Data Management

Stores data on users, commodities, reports, orders, risk assessments, locations, and counterparties

Interlinks locations hierarchically from farms to warehouses to countries

Verifies the status of counterparties and locations

Automates risk analysis based on mandatory EU criteria

Supports geo-coordinate checks for plot-level monitoring
Delivery Orders

Ingests order data, auto-checks compliance status

Generates due diligence statements for EU submission

Manages reference IDs upon EU reporting
Inventory Management

Tracks materials by SKU/batch across the lifecycle

Links batches to EU reference IDs for full traceability
External Integrations

Syncs data bi-directionally across ERPs

Integrates with EU Traces system via APIs

Email/SMS notifications for workflow alerts
Compliance Dashboards

Displays user-friendly metrics on orders, risks, trackers

Generates reports on demand, including the data for annual sustainability reports

User and role access management based on RBAC model

Audit logging of activities and data changes
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ECT ensures you are fully compliant with all EUDR requirements.
Provides a single tool to manage supply chain transparency reporting.
Automates and streamlines due diligence processes.
Saves time through easy order and risk management.
Ensures Full Compliance
Single Tool for Transparency Reporting
Automates and Streamlines Processes
Saves Time
Integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP system.
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