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of total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are caused by the food and beverage industries, leading to 70% of biodiversity loss and exacerbating numerous social issues
of the food emissions happen at the start of the supply chain AT SOURCE
EU & US companies will be subject to new reporting requirements - Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
of CGF Board member companies had committed to the Race to Zero by COP26
Food manufacturers, private label producers, and retailers are likely to encounter obstacles when attempting to decrease their environmental impact. These challenges could include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, waste generation, soil degradation, and biodiversity loss. They may also face pressure to source ingredients from sustainable sources and to minimize their environmental impact.
By simply scanning the QR code on the packaging, you can easily access and view the product journey from the farmer all the way to you.

Interactive label: serves as a digital log, recording important details such as when, where, and by whom the product was grown, collected, processed, and shipped for your convenience.
Simply use a messenger chat-bot to directly upload reliable product data from suppliers
Engage end consumers by providing a user-friendly verification of the product's origin and sharing its unique story
Deliver content wherever it's needed

How Originica helps

Address the growing consumer demand for transparency and CO2 offsetting by providing product journeys that empower shoppers and foster customer engagement.


Boost your reputation for safety and quality by ensuring that the legality and sustainability of your plantation sourcing is widely known.


Achieve a sustainable future by tracking your entire supply chain in real-time and verifying every step in the product journey, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

Producers / Private labels

The consumer buys the story, not the product
As consumers continue to place greater emphasis on the origin and sustainability of their food, it is imperative for food manufacturers to prioritize investments in systems that enable them to track and communicate this information effectively. This is because consumers increasingly prioritize the story behind the product, not just the product itself, making transparency and sustainability essential elements of a successful food brand.
of consumers believe sustainability is important
of consumers change shopping habits to reduce environmental impact
of consumers are willing to switch to brands that prioritize promoting sustainable products
of consumers would be willing to pay more for brands that are committed to sustainability.
Meet the new motivations that matters for today’s consumers
Source: “Global Consumer Pulse Research”; Accenture survey. “Hybrid shopping, sustainability, and purpose-driven brand” IBM and NRF survey

Improve your customer engagement

Detailed product map

1mln+ points of supply chain on the map

Online detailed data

Take your product data from farmers directly via messengers

Media integration

Connect your product story with farmers Instagram profiles
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Redefine the role of your supply chain to deliver seamless consumer experiences and drive profitable and responsible growth through digital design.
Consumer-centric supply chain

Prove your supply chain

Work with sustainably sourced ingredients and plants. Make your product journey more transparent. Show who was in care of the ingredients in your pack.
Discover every function that makes Originica.Open the best tool for tracing and control. Enhance your products in a few simple steps.
Deliver content wherever you need it
Data Portal
Leverage reliable product data uploaded directly from suppliers
Free yourself from complex software management
Comply with GS1, digital link, EPCIS
Interactive maps
Verify product’s origin and journey to better understand the quality of product

Content loads from any webpage

Once the content is developed, you can change the front-end user interface anytime without incurring any additional costs, allowing you to reach a wider audience across all devices.
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Retail website
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Headless architecture presents a powerful solution for significantly reducing marketing costs by enabling easier content reuse and faster technology stack updates.
This approach allows content to be delivered directly to where it's needed through an API, while also providing the flexibility to choose the graphical user interface into which Originica will be integrated.
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